Saturday, April 6, 2013

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I've decided to remove all OOG posts from the Card Keepers blog and move them over here, then keep this as my OOG blog for any ARGs I am currently running or have run in the past. This is also a place where I discuss ARGs in general, my research into ARGs and transmedia storytelling, and my exploration of using ARGs as a teaching tool.

Meanwhile, I got a comment today on the Card Keepers blog from Tallulah Belle (since I'll be deleting those posts I wanted to move the comment over here):

"Hello Sandy, and thank you for a fantastic ARG experince. I have so many questions, of which many are ig (I’ll wait with them until after the final chapter) but some are oog. Like this: It seems Anna teaches at the same uni as you. Are the characters of this ARG based on real people? Also, even if you might not be able to answer this one: Winter has been a mentor to us all though this entire chapter. Can we hope to keep our relationship with her in the future? (ie I feel a bit sentimental, please tell us some things will remain :) ) From a personal viewpoint I would like to ask how you managed to keep a good flow in this story whilst being a professor and a parent at the same time (both which must come before the ARG)? How much did you write before you got the show on the road? As for the drawings, it was entirely our pleasure, both to create and add to the experience. (We might even go ahead and touch them up a bit and create a deck of our own!)
Thank you again for your time and effort, and am so looking forward to the next part."

Thanks Tallulah! This is pretty thought-provoking stuff, both the questions about balancing all of the different facets of my life as well as your comments about Winter. I will be addressing much of this in a series of posts on this blog, so stay tuned.

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